10 Signs That Compel You to Change Your Car Battery and tell you that your car needs a battery check-up at Bin Faris Auto Services
10 Signs That Compel You to Change Your Car Battery and tell you that your car needs a battery check-up at Bin Faris Auto Services
30 December, 2019

What is the function of a car battery? Do we need to replace it or when is the perfect time to change a car battery?

The main function of a car battery is to start your car. It is very important to keep a check on the battery as usually, it lasts for three years in a car but it depends on the car’s usage and the conditions to check for a battery change.

The following are some of the signs that will indicate you that there is a need car battery replacement :

  • Old Battery

If your battery is a few years old, it might be coming to the end of its life span. As all parts of cars wear and tear over time, same way batteries need to be checked and changed after a certain period. You can check for a round sticker that has a month and year mentioned on your battery if you are not aware when battery was last replaced.

  • Engine takes a long time to start

Whenever you start your car, the engine will take a little bit longer than normal to start as the components inside the battery have been worn out and become less effective. It is a sign that your battery needs to be replaced or recharged.

  • Headlights become dim

If the car battery is losing its charge, it will become difficult to use the headlights in their full capacity as battery powers all the electronics in your vehicle. This is one major indication that your car will give you when it is time to replace your car’s batteries.

  • Engine Light May Turn on

The check engine light sometimes turns on when your battery power is weak. Therefore if you see that the engine light has turned on to a car service workshop and get your car checked.

  • A bad and foul smell

Damage to the battery can cause the leakage of some gas from the battery. Due to this a foul smell like smell of rotten eggs will come when you open your car’s hood. Take your car to BIN FARIS AUTO SERVICES  at the earliest and get the battery checked at the lowest cost .

  • Cranking Engine

When you start your vehicle, there is always a cranking noise as it tries to turn over. But if your battery is low this cranking sound will be very slow or it won’t make any noise when you start the car.

  • The battery is swollen

When your car’s battery is overcharged, it can get swollen and become a hazard.  Excessive heat causes your battery to be swollen and decreases its life. So when you see swelling of a battery you need to take your car to the auto service workshop.

  • Battery Leakage

When the battery is physically damaged or overcharged it starts leaking. Car batteries need to be replaced after three to five years. The longer you use a car battery; it becomes more prone to leakage.  For this reason, you need to get your battery checked from time to time.

  • Sometimes the car starts and sometimes it does not start

when you start your car and it starts normally on some days and then fails to start on other days then your vehicle may have some battery issue. It is better to check your car’s battery to make sure that they are in proper working condition.

  • Needs frequent Jumping

When your car is not used for a longer period, the battery needs jumping to start the engine. However if jumping is too frequently required, then there might be some fault in batteries. It is advisable to get it checked at the nearest auto service workshop. 

Battery stays charged by reusing energy created from driving. Not using your car for a longer period of time or making a lot of short trips don’t allow the battery to recharge. Do not forget to turn your lights off.. These are some of the reasons which can affect your battery life.

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