Ability To Meet Quality Standard of Car Wash Production-Bin Faris Auto Services
Ability To Meet Quality Standard of Car Wash Production-Bin Faris Auto Services
18 February, 2020

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The Importance of Car Wash Production
Car Wash Services is one of the most important services provided by auto service workshops like Bin Faris Auto Services. Car washing and Car Cleaning is essential for car maintenance services in Dubai and worldwide. Keep the exterior of a vehicle clean which prevents rust and oxidation along with reducing the fine scratches on the car engine and other parts of the car. Therefore, efficient machinery is one of the most significant factors for a feasible modern car wash.  Cars need to be washed regularly, in order to meet this high runway lifestyle of people, a good car wash production is required.
How can we maintain a good car wash production?
Here are some steps which will help in maintaining a good car wash production
  • Training:
  • This is the most important point of how we can maintain a good car wash. Each mechanic should understand their role and what the auto workshop requires from them. At Bin Faris they already know how they need to do a car wash and how properly they can understand the customer’s needs. The customers might just need an external washing( Wash) or an internal washing(Super Wash) or both. The detailers and other staff identify the customers need and carry out the required processes accordingly.
  • Availability of Products and Equipment:
  • For a car wash, you need proper car wash equipment and products in your workshop which are at Bin Faris Auto Services in Dubai so that they can provide the car wash service on a continuous and a routine basis. This helps maintain customer satisfaction and comfort which is maximum at Bin Faris Auto Services.
Therefore the ability to maintain this continuous demands of car wash at all times has a direct impact on the customer experience and is beneficial on the performance of the workshop because of the following reasons: Convenience: The car wash production at your workshop should be convenient for a customer. It should be efficient enough so that the customer does not have to wait for a longer period of time. In the workshop, you can get an express car wash in which the customers can experience a quick cleaning service. Accessibility: In your auto workshop make sure your car wash production is easily accessible to the customer. The customer does not like to wait for long for a normal car wash. Maintain a quick process that is both effective and efficient and improves the customer experience by the best service provided by your car workshop. Performance: When there are a large number of cars waiting for a car wash make sure your team members and equipment in your workshop are able to perform at a high speed without sacrificing the customer experience. It is important as the performance depends on your staff on how they can handle huge amounts of car wash demands. At the peak time, check their performances and help them to make your customer happy and satisfied without giving up on the work being done efficiently. So these are some of the points you need to consider for a good car wash production which is profitable for your business and creates a positive reputation.
Jobs Done By car wash production engineers
  • Completes or assists with bulk car cleaning, sealing, purging and switching.
  • Packs product into bags, bulk bags, boxes, and bulk hopper rail cars
  • Related jobs include compactor operations, propane filling
  • Unplugging elevators and fans.
  • DEQ and another site cleanup.
  • Clearing belts. Charging discharge lines.
  • Wash-down of structures and grounds.
  • Free car washes, oil changes, and details.
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