Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Cars
16 March, 2020

Car cleaning have been always a tiring job. Cleaning of a car can be easy or it can turn into a nightmare if not done properly. There are many car cleaning mistakes that normally people make if they are completely not aware of car cleaning techniques.

There is a list of common mistakes that people do while cleaning car ‘car wash service Dubai‘:

1. Washing your car in sunlight:

Washing your car in sunlight can cause the paint to wear off. Even the cleaning product which you apply to car will dry off before you are able to wash it off. Therefore make sure that you work step by step to ensure quality car wash.

2. Using wash up liquids instead of car shampoo:

Dish soaps and household liquids have corroding effect and are hard on your car. They tend to oxidize the paint, and that makes the paint look dull. These home detergents are not meant to wash your car. Rather use a quality automotive shampoo that has gentle cleaners that help in maximizing the durability of your car wax.

3. Use A Clean Towel:

When you wipe your car always use a clean towel. You can harm your car if you use filthy towel to dry it. The dirt on towel will scratch and stain other areas which are already clean. Therefore while cleaning make sure to remove dirt from your tools and use clean water to make your car look crystal clear after washing.

4. Use of Car Wax:

Car wax is used to make your car shine and radiant again. Be very careful while applying car wax, it should neither be unwanted nor excessive. In fact excessive wax application is hard to wipe off. Firstly clean your car properly before applying car wax. It is important to apply wax at the right temperature, preferably not in direct sunlight.

5. Use of One Bucket:

At the time of car wash we should use at least 2 buckets of water. Using 1 bucket to wash will scrape and damage the paint of your vehicle. As you clean an area and you put your towel inside the bucket to rinse off you are putting the dirt you just removed from your car into the bucket. When you use the same towel again chances are that the towel still has stains and you will be adding those stains again to your car. Therefore use 2 buckets, one with clean water and second bucket filled with foam.

6. Clean your car from top to bottom:

This is the common of all mistakes that you tend to make while washing your car. Whenever you clean your car from bottom to top then the dirty water run down the areas which you have cleaned before. Therefore the correct method is to clean the car from top to bottom so that the washed parts remain clean and tidy.

7. Wiping off missed spots with towel:

Once you have finished washing your car, you may see some dirt spots. You tend to wipe it off with a towel instead of washing it again. If you wipe it with the dry towel then dirt particles insert into the paint of your car and scratch the surface. So you need to be careful while washing the car.

8. Not cleaning the car tyres:

Washing a car correctly doesn’t mean just cleaning the bits. It’s worth spending a little extra time to clean a complete car. Tires are the dirtiest part of your car as they are in direct contact with the road. Hence it is utmost importance that you wash the tyres thoroughly.

9. Leaving the car to dry naturally:

When you wash your car, some people leave it to dry on its own. They feel it will save their time and nature will evaporate the water on its own. By doing this it leaves ugly water marks on your car and makes it look dull. The best way is to dry your car as soon as possible after the last rinse with water.

10. Never roll down the windows before they dry:

After washing car, never make a mistake of rolling down the windows unless they are completely dried off. If you roll down before they are dried off there might be scratches on your window glass or streaks of water. Let the car completely dry after you wash.